Wait, you can go inside that ball on the Dallas skyline?

If you've ever wondered what it's like to look around and see a 32 mile radius around the DFW metroplex, you're in luck.

     This trip happened because my brother had ever been to The Ball, formally called Reunion Tower, even though he'd lived in Dallas for 20+ years. We drove downtown and managed to find our way pretty easily, with the help of Google maps (thank goodness)- I don't think we would have found the turn-off otherwise. Once you go under the bridge and all the way around the hotel at the base - yes it is mainly a hotel - you'll find the parking lot.


     So we parked, followed the Reunion Tower markings on the ground and arrived.... to an EMS convention, oops. Walking into the trade show which threw us off a little and caused us to actually miss the entrance to the tower. If you've hit the hotel front desk, you've gone too far. Turn around and look DOWN, not up. You go down the stairs to the tower counter (who would have thought). Buy tickets. Wait for the elevator. Get your camera out because this:


     When you get to the first stop, you're in the Geo Tower level. Head outside for the best views and catch a little wind. I took this gem by bravely sticking my arm out and looking the other way (I'm afraid of heights, but if I can do it, so can you, just be sure to hold onto your camera). 

     You can see 32 miles on a clear day and there are binocular machines (whatever those things are called) to see far away landmarks like the famous Texas State Fair Ferris Wheel or the Margaret McDermott Bridge.

     If you want the ultimate tower experience, go up one level by taking the stairs to to Cloud 9 Cafe. That is where the famous rotating floor happens. You spin, like, an inch every 5 minutes or something ridiculously slow, but you can get 360 views of the city and drink a cocktail at the same time, score!


     You can go up one more level to the very, very top to another restaurant called Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck. We didn't go up there that day because one, it wasn't a special occasion and two, my brother isn't really adventurous about food.  I do, however, highly recommend it for an event that calls for a 'wow factor'. If you haven't checked out this famous landmark yet, what are you waiting for? Do it!