I've talked to a lot of people, and it's crazy how many say they feel intimidated when calling up a Designer for the very first time. In my experience, the two most common questions they ask themselves are:

1. "Where in the hell do I start?"

2. "How much is this going to cost me?" (on the preceding blog post)

As someone whose been doing this for awhile, I can tell you I've seen it all (well, almost). I've seen dirty laundry, rooms destroyed by children's toys and a LOT of bad furniture. There's nothing in your home that will surprise, so please don't feel intimidated or embarrassed that everything isn't perfect because life isn't perfect. You're busy and my job is to help you transform your space into something that works for you.


Where Do I Start?

Today, there is a wealth of information online and guides for pretty much everything you could ever want. You can literally google, if you haven't already, "how to work with an Interior Designer." Information about the design process will pop up which will pretty much be the same for all Designers across full-cycle projects.

Working with a Designer is like talking to your best friend, therapist, parents and self all in one. They're on your team and are there to get to know you and your home, which is your most personal space. Everything will fall into place, but finding the right personality should be your top priority. Read not only the words, but the language on their website. Look at where they've lived and worked. After you find someone, contact them and arrange a meeting. You should know in the first few minutes of meeting if it'll work out or not. When you know it's right, then you can move on to pricing.